Leapfrog IP Problem Solving with the Frogs


Join Leap, Lilly and Tad on their road trip around the World and explore different Countries and their landmarks! Tap the pictures on every page with the stylus to magically bring the activity book to life and then enhance the learning with amazing 3D-like animations when played with LeapStart 3D.
This interactive book featuring your favourite frogs introduce countries, maps and the modes of transport used in these countries and builds life skills such as logic and problem-solving. Use the stylus to complete more than 30 interactive and replayable activities. Help the Frogs find the objects amongst the colours of the Holi celebration in India, look for the cyclists in different coloured jerseys and helmets in France and learn about the different animals that can only be found in Australia! At the end of the trip help make recipes from one of the countries the frogs visited.
Works with all LeapStart Systems. Animates with LeapStart 3D. The LeapStart book library is a levelled series that grows with your child from Nursery (Level 1) to Year 1 (Level 4).



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