Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump


Closer to Nature breast pumps make it reassuringly easy to give baby the benefits of breast milk when feeding time requires a bottle.

  • The electric breast pump gives great results at the touch of a button and is really easy to assemble, use and sterilise.
  • Neat and compact, portable and light weight, with all the add-ons to make this a superb kit.
  • The unique silicone cups gives maximum comfort to mum and is specially designed to mimic a baby's natural feeding action.
  • The natural choice for mums who want superior product performance from a breast pump that is easy, comfortable and convenient to use.
  • The pump has 4 expression phases, light, low, medium and high.
  • The light setting is recommended to promote milk let down.
  • Includes a handy steriliser box, free inside 1x 150ml bottle, 1 milk storage pot and 6 disposable breast pads.



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