Leapfrog Busy Learning Bot


Meet busy learning bot, part fidget Cube, part robot. Go on a learning adventure with this cute cubed character to discover colours, opposites, ABC’s, counting and music by sliding the slider, spinning the three interactive gears, twisting the key and pushing learning bot along. Press his friendly light-up face to hear friendly robot phrases and try the two different game modes to hear busy learning bot encourage interactions with all the buttons to develop hand/eye coordination and motor skills.

  • BUSY LEARNING BOT: This fun filled childrens toy has five sides of buttons, gears and slider play to keep little ones entertained.
  • EDUCATIONAL TOY: The quiz mode of this learning bot will give directions to encourage discovery of colours, counting, and sizes to develop valuable skills.
  • INTERACTIVE TOY: Little ones will have fun moving the slider to learn opposites and vocabulary words, turning the 3 interactive gears to learn colours and sizes and twisting the turning key to hear the abc song!
  • BABY MUSICAL TOY: This fun learning bot includes seven unique and catchy learning songs little ones will love.
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR TODDLERS AND PRE SCHOOL CHILDREN - This boys & girls learning bot is an ideal gift for Christmas and children's birthday as it helps develop skills that are valuable once kids start school.



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