Special Avent Natural 2 Pack Bottles - 9oz


From the popular Natural 2.0 range, the Avent Natural 2.0 260ml/9oz Bottle is designed with comfort in mind. This bottle is ideal to be used in combination with breastfeeding because its naturally shaped teat has an innovative petal design that is easy for your little one to latch onto.

  • Reduces reflux and colic for a happier child
  • Lightweight design for independent use
  • Food safe BPA/BPS-free for your peace of mind

The unique petals inside the teat increase softness and flexibility without causing teat collapse- brilliant for a more comfortable and contented feed. The bottle features an advanced anti-colic system with an innovative twin valve that relieves discomfort by venting air into the bottle and not baby's tummy.

The ergonomically shaped bottle is easy to grip and hold in any direction, even with tiny hands. The bottles wide neck makes filling and cleaning easy with only a couple of parts to the bottle, it's quick and simple to put back together after cleaning too. And of course, this bottle is free fro m any BPA for your little one's safety.



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