Vtech ZoomiZooz® Waterpark


A giant and interactive tree that recognizes ZoomiZooz!

Welcome to the fun world of ZoomiZooz!

Your child can drag the ZoomiZooz along the ramp or watch them hurtling down the monkey bridge.

ZoomiZooz can even go through a secret hatch and land directly on the toboggan!

Very funny ! ZoomiZooz react in different ways when placed in the Zoomi-Magic Zone.
From the front, they introduce themselves, tell anecdotes with funny sounds; if they are facing the slopes, they will invite the child to use on the magic hill to see them jump and down the track while spinning.

A place for adventure with the many activities included: Zoomi-launcher, zoom-lift, toboggan ramp, monkey bridge, launcher turning ... and many other fun manipulations to discover!

3 buttons, including a bright, to learn the numbers, letters and colors.
Each ZoomiZooz triggers his first name, fun phrases and sounds in different game worlds.
4 exclusive ZoomiZooz included: Cali, the mimi kitten, Accappella, the diva cow, Tyler, the winning tiger and Oliver, the jester monkey.
A lot of ZoomiZooz animals to collect for a lot of fun!
More than 80 songs, phrases, sounds and melodies.



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