Why can I not see any prices?

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Alami and Smash are trade only websites. If you cannot see any pricing information this is because you are not logged in or are not one of our approved customers.

To apply for a login you will need to register for a trade account. If you are an existing customer please login here.

How do I register?

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You would need to fill in the form on our registration page. Once submitted a member of our team will review your registration. You will need to receive a confirmation email once your registration is successful.

Why has my account not been activated yet it has been over 24 hours since I registered?

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This may be of one of two reasons. Your application was not successful or we are still processing your application. You can contact us on 0208 533 7800 for more information.

What is my username and password?

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Your user name will be the email address that you originally registered with and your password will be the password you have set up. If you are a customer on our older system and are unable to log in, please click on the forgot your password link where you can reset the password.